Windows are an incredibly important part of your home. They provide natural light, ventilation, a view to the beautiful outdoors and are a vital design component. With so many shapes, sizes and styles, it can be hard to choose which windows may fit best with your home. This list will give you a better view into the types of windows available so you can decide which style will work best for you!

Types of Windows

Awning – Awning windows are casement windows that are mounted vertically, with the hinge at the top of the window instead of the sides. Awning windows can be installed above other windows for extra light and ventilation.

Bay – Bay windows were first used in castles during the English Renaissance, and are still a beautiful addition to any home. They allow the best amount of light, and also add shelf or seating space inside the window. Bay windows are made with flat windows, set into an angled frame, that is built out of the house.

Bow – Bow windows are similar to bay windows but are more curved instead of angular. Due to the curvature, bow windows use more glass panels than a bay, and must be built with a custom curved frame that also is built out of the house.  

Casement – Casement windows are more popular in Europe, but look amazing in any home around the globe. The operable panel hangs on a hinge to the side, so the window can be opened like a door. These windows are great insulators since they only have one solid piece of glass, which means less chance of air seeping through.

Hung (Single and Double) – The two most popular styles of windows are single hung, and double hung. They are comprised of two vertically arranged panels that stay inside the frame, so there is no protrusion inside or outside of the house. The difference between double and single hung windows is the top half of single hung windows are stationary. With double hung windows, the top and bottom sash can be opened and tilted allowing for easy cleaning

Fixed – Fixed windows do not open, they are used for décor purposes or to allow more natural lighting. These windows can come in an array of shapes and sizes, and can even be made into custom designs.

Garden – Garden windows are like mini bay windows. They have a built in shelf that is great for growing indoor plants, as well as multi-angled natural light, almost like a small greenhouse in your home. These windows look great above kitchen sinks. Imagine growing fresh rosemary, thyme or basil right in your kitchen!

Hopper – Hopper windows open from the top, and use a crank to open and close. They create amazing ventilation and close very tightly, meaning they are great insulators. These windows open with slight upward slant to keep outdoor debris out, and are commonly used in basements or bathrooms to provide air flow.

Jalousie – Jalousie windows are made with staggered strips of glass that open like venetian blinds. Invented in America in 1900, they are still used in some homes in areas with warmer climates, like Hawaii, but do not provide insulation needed for cooler weather.

Palladian – Palladian windows consist of a large panelled window with an arched top, flanked by two smaller side panels.

Picture – Picture windows are very large stationary windows with no breaks, giving an unobstructed view of the outdoors.  

Sliding Sash – Sliding sash windows are made of two horizontally mounted sashes that slide along a track, so one side may be slid open. These windows are now popular in modern style homes, and commonly used in rooms with shorter ceilings, since they don’t take up much vertical space.

Skylight – Skylights are fixed windows added to your roof. Their purpose is to add more natural light to rooms that may not be able to have other window options.

Transom –  Transom windows are put in above a door or window to optimize natural lighting, and may be either operating or fixed.

Window Pricing

Pricing on window units vary, and depend on size and style. Often the most common and most affordable window option is Single Hung, followed by the Double Hung window option. Bay windows are more affordable than Bow windows, due to bow windows needing more custom design work and special materials. Any custom windows will have a higher price tag, which is also true for skylights. Talk with your window professional to help determine which style will fit your budget.

Each style of window brings a unique sense of style and functionality, and hopefully this article has given you a better idea to which style might be a fit for you. Speak with your window and door professional, as they will be able to help you to finalize your choices and find the perfect style window for your home!